Cooking With Chris: The Essentials

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This is not your average "healthy cookbook.”

This is is how to create maximum flavor using nothing but clean ingredients.

If you:

  • Are tired of eating the same bland "health" foods over and over again

  • Want to cook delicious food but are worried that it may be fattening

  • Need to spice it up in the kitchen to finally make cooking fun again

  • Are new to cooking and want to start expanding your repertoire in the kitchen

Then this is for you!

By using the right ingredients, you can cook food that is delicious AND healthy!

  • NO seed/vegetable oils

  • NO gluten/wheat

  • NO soy

For just $24, you will receive:

  • 20 delicious recipes using nothing but clean ingredients that the whole family will love

  • Basic cooking techniques that you can make your own

  • Main & side items that you can mix and match

  • Photos of the food & ingredients you will be cooking

Say goodbye to the days of cooking bland food in the name of health!


Q: Do I need fancy kitchen equipment to make these recipes?

A: No, everything can be cooked with very basic kitchen items!

Q: What if I have questions about certain recipes?

A: Chris keeps both his Twitter DM's and email open and is happy to answer any questions you may have!

Q: What if my grocery store doesn't carry a certain item?

A: Most ingredients can be found at basic supermarkets, and all of them can be found on Amazon!

Click "I want this" and get started!

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20 of Chris's essential recipes using nothing but clean ingredients!


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Cooking With Chris: The Essentials

43 ratings
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