Personalized Meal Plans

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Personalized Meal Plans

Chris Cooks
51 ratings

Bulletproof your health with a meal plan 100% customized to your goals, lifestyle and preferences

Are you:

-Struggling to lose weight and can’t seem to find a sustainable diet for you?

-Plagued by gut issues that you haven’t been able to resolve?

-Held back by brain fog and low energy?

-Struggling to eat healthy because you’re too busy to plan meals?

-Overwhelmed by the ocean of conflicting nutrition information out there?

What would your life look like if you could finally feel like your best self?

Here’s what you get:

-A 30+ page PDF booklet with meal plans, recipes, nutritional advice, and more

-A simple & sustainable plan that you can easily follow throughout your busy week

-Exact portions, calories, and macronutrients based off your lifestyle and goals

-Delicious recipe options to make meal prepping simple, quick and easy

-A simple breakdown of what and why each food is included

-A concise shopping list that takes the guesswork (and time) out of doing your grocery shopping every week

-A FREE copy of Cooking With Chris: The Essentials. Delicious food with nothing but clean ingredients

-A guide that you will be able to mix & match for life!

You owe it to yourself and your family to be the healthiest version of yourself. Don’t push it off any longer.

After following your meal plan, you’ll:

-Achieve your dietary goals without spending countless hours each day researching, planning and prepping

-Get to your goal weight while eating delicious food you actually enjoy

-Conquer your gut issues that have been holding you back from being your healthiest self

-Prepare an entire week of healthy meals without living in the kitchen

-Become the healthy, fit, and energetic person you’ve always dreamed of!

Stop wasting time wondering how good you could feel!

How it works:

-Once purchased, you receive a form to fill out where you’ll explain in detail your goals, issues, lifestyle, current diet, etc.

-Once Chris receives the form, he’ll create your custom meal plan based off the answers in the form 

-For just an extra $100, you can hop on a 1 hour phone call with Chris to ask any questions you want, go over any nuance that wouldn’t be covered in the form, and come up with a strategy prior to receiving your meal plan

There’s no better investment than an investment in your health.

What others are saying about my meal plans:

*If after 30 days of following this meal plan you are not satisfied, you will get a 100% refund no questions asked*

Click "I want this" and become the healthy, fit & energetic person you've always dreamed of!

I want this!


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